What Type of Gutter Repair Does My Home Need?

Types of Gutter Repair

Re-hanging, re-aligning, or caulking solve the majority of gutter problems. The team of gutter repair specialists at Bay Roofing understand all types of gutter hardware and can diagnose problems quickly.

We’ll replace hangers and brackets before rehanging gutters. As needed, we fix holes or replace parts of damaged gutter. Sections of gutter have occasionally been misaligned. We’ll realign the problem spots and re-slope the gutter so that water flows swiftly to the downspout. This prevents water from backing up and penetrating behind the tiles.

Although your gutters were probably caulked when they were installed, the passage of time ages the caulk. Once the caulk fails, the gutters become leaky, and water can seep into the roof’s drip edge and fascia. To restore proper seals, we’ll remove cracked caulk, clean the surfaces, and apply new gutter caulk.

If the gutters on your home have deteriorated completely, you can depend on us to replace your gutters. Bay Roofing has repaired and replaced roofs and gutters for decades

Be Ready for Heavy Rainfall

Intact and functioning gutters are essential for protecting a home during a heavy downpour. Excessive rainfall will overwhelm aging or broken gutters and allow water to penetrate the structure. Repair prevents damage to the building that results from:

  • Water penetration at the foundation
  • Rainfall backing up into roofing materials
  • Water spilling over in the wrong places

All of these issues may be resolved or avoided by contacting Bay Roofing. We are an award-winning firm with a team of roof and gutter specialists serving the Delaware Valley. We’ll diagnose gutter issues and make gutter repairs to protect your house from water damage and decay.

Prevent Costly Problems with Gutter Repair

Leaking or sagging gutters might seem like a minor problem, but that uncontrolled water will eventually cause expensive problems. Water falling too close to the foundation will seep into a basement or collect in a crawl space. This situation could promote mold growth. Water pooled in clogged gutters will compromise your roof or walls with moisture penetration or ice expansion.

When Bay Roofing comes to your house, we will respect it and clean up any damage. Our highly skilled repair technicians’ work will last for many years. A simple investment in gutter repair will keep your house safe. Please contact us for a quote right away.