Tips For Hanging Christmas Lights Without Nails On Your Roof Peak

Most of us like getting into the Christmas spirit, and we want our houses to stand out. String lights are the most popular outdoor decorations, but how can you keep them looking nice and fastened to those difficult-to-reach places? If you want to hang Christmas lights on your roof, we have some advice to assist you do it safely for you and your property.

Safely Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

Whether you are lining your roof with lights or staging some reindeer on your roof, you should take the proper precautions to not injure yourself and create potential problems for your home. Check all bulbs and fixtures before installing each year and be sure to use an outdoor rated extension cord to power your lights and other features. You should also make sure you are plugging them into a GFCI outlet so your home is protected from any surges. What else can you do?

Use Plastic Clips

Plastic light clips were designed to easily attach to your gutters so that you don’t have to put additional holes in your home’s exterior. They allow for easy install and removal and can even be left up year round as they typically blend in and aren’t very noticeable. Also be mindful of the added weight on your gutters, don’t overdo it. If you must affix clips to your home, be sure to only do so in the fascia board. When hanging Christmas lights on your roof, avoid the roof surface.

Do Not Hang Lights from Your Shingles

It seems like it should be obvious, but every year people make the mistake of putting holes in their shingles to hang Christmas lights on their roof. The purpose of your shingles and underlayment are to keep the elements out, so be sure not to create any unnecessary openings. Stick to gutters and eaves for hanging.

Avoid Walking on Your Roof

Not only is walking on your roof dangerous because you can easily slip and fall to the ground below, but you are adding unneeded stress to your roofing system. Roofs and shingles are designed for specific purposes and foot traffic is not one of them. Stick to a sturdy ladder and use the proper tools or hire a professional to help if possible.

Bay Roofing is Here for Your Roofing Needs

While we don’t offer Christmas light-hanging services, our roof repair experts can fix any issues you may have with your roof or home’s exterior. Contact us today for a quote if you need anything.