The Importance of Chimney Flashing

A wood stove or fireplace is a wonderful feature of a home. It can provide heat on cold winter days; it can also give you and your family that cozy, homey feeling. If you have a wood stove or fireplace, it most likely has a chimney to exhaust smoke and fumes – and around that chimney should be flashing. Here, the chimney flashing repair professionals at Bay Roofing will explain the importance of this flashing:

What is Chimney Flashing?

When a home builder initially builds a chimney into a roof, there is some space between the chimney structure and the roofing structure. This space needs to be sealed, so the builder installs layers of sheet metal around the chimney to seal it. Those layers of sheet metal are what we call “flashing.”

Why is Chimney Flashing Important?

Chimney flashing is very important because it provides a layer of protection for your roof. Your roof is what shields you from rain, sleet, wind, snow, and other natural elements; if there’s a space between your roof and your chimney, it gives these elements a way into your home. Quality chimney flashing seals this space and keeps water, wind, and debris out.

Trust the Experts at Bay Roofing for Your Chimney Flashing Repairs

Chimney flashing that is rusted, damaged, missing, or old could mean trouble for your home. Improper flashing can cause leaks and create water damage in your home, which can end up being very costly and can compromise your home’s integrity. At Bay Roofing, our chimney flashing repair team can make sure your flashing is in perfect condition. We’ll inspect the area around your chimney and make sure there’s a proper seal to shield your home from the outdoor elements. We’ll also check each layer and focus especially on the corners (we know corners are more vulnerable to leaks or damage) to make sure your home is safe. If we find any issues, our experts will make the necessary repairs to restore the quality of your flashing. Contact us online today or call 1-888-820-6028 with any questions about our services or to schedule a consultation.