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Residential Roof Repair Services

If the roof on your New Jersey home has suffered sudden storm damage or has succumbed to years of wear or tear, turn to the experts at Bay Roofing & Construction. Even minor roof damage should be corrected as soon as possible because roof troubles do not go away on their own. They just continue to worsen and cause more damage, and that will result in a bigger repair bill in the end. Our home improvement company has more than 40 years of experience repairing roofs in this region. Our multiple residential roof repair teams are highly skilled and experienced. We handle everything from minor repairs to extreme and emergency scenarios. Our teams work with a variety of roofing materials including asphalt, cedar, metal, slate, tile, and more. When you call us, we will arrive promptly and fix your roof the right way the first time around. Reach out now for a quote!

Roof Repair Services

You Can Count On Our New Jersey Roofers

You need a roofing company that you can trust and depend on, and Bay Roofing & Construction has been that business in New Jersey since 1981. Our success is predicated on much more than just exceptional workmanship. We value honesty and integrity. We treat our clients and their homes with respect, and we never accept anything less than our customers’ complete satisfaction.

Emergency Residential Roof Repair

Some roof damage requires immediate attention, and you can rely on Bay Roofing & Construction to be there for you when you need us. Even if your roof is not repairable right away due to weather or other factors, our team can stabilize the situation so that the problem does not worsen prior to the repair.

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Common Roofing Problems

There are many roofing problems that are common to New Jersey homes, including leaks, damaged shingles, and missing wood, and our team fixes them all. If you’re in need of residential roof repair services, call us at 1-888-820-6028 or contact us online. One of our experts will inspect your roof and provide you with an honest and professional assessment.

Leaking Roof

Leaking Roof

Leaks can happen due to sudden damage but also as the result of wear and tear over time. Left untreated, a leak will eventually undermine your roof and even the structure of your home. That is why it is important to call Bay Roofing & Construction right away and let us help you.

Leaking Flashing

Leaking Flashing, Pipe Collar, or Chimney

Flashing, pipe collars and chimneys are all areas of your roof that are prone to develop leaks over time. These leaks often start small but will quickly worsen into problems that can be very expensive to repair. If you’re experiencing any issues, give us a call today for a professional roof inspection.

Damaged or Loose Shingles

Damaged or Loose Shingles

Loose and damaged shingles undermine your curb appeal, but that is not the worst of it. They compromise the strength of your roof and can allow moisture to reach the underlayment. Damaged shingles are easy to fix, but that is not necessarily the case with the issues they can cause.

Fascia Damage

Fascia Damage

Powerful winds and strong storms can damage your fascia directly. Your fascia can also be undermined by moisture due to issues with your roof. In either case, the team at Bay Roofing & Construction can repair or replace the fascia so that it appears seamless with the rest of your home.

Rotted Wood

Rotted Wood

Your roof and gutter system are designed move water from your home to a safe distance away. When that system is damaged, it can lead to rotted wood, and compromised wood can lead to sagging, cave-ins and other serious issues. Our New Jersey roofers are here to fix the issue quickly.

Damaged Roof Vents

Damaged Roof Vents

Roof vents provide the ventilation that ensures your roof and attic at an optimal temperature. Damaged roof vents can lead to roof damage and make your home more expensive to heat and cool. If you’ve noticed a spike in your utility bills, or issues with temperature control in your attic, give us a call.

Types of Residential Roofs We Repair

Bay Roofing & Construction performs residential roof repair services on all of the roofing materials used throughout this region, including asphalt, cedar, metal, slate, and tile. Homeowners in New Jersey who require residential roof repair services should call us 1-888-820-6028 or contact us today for a quote.

Asphalt Roof Repairs

An asphalt roof will likely require you to replace a few loose and damaged shingles over the course of its lifespan. One of the advantages of asphalt roofs is that if the problems are dealt with promptly, repairs are usually fast and relatively inexpensive.

Slate Roof Repairs

Durability and long lifespan are chief benefits that make slate roofing very popular. Damage to slate shingles is not common, but when it does occur, our expert roofers can replace just the affected area and help you to minimize your costs.

Cedar Roof Repairs

Moss growth is among the more common problems with cedar shingles, but it can be treated and avoided in the future. Individual shingles can also crack, split, curl, or cup, and those damaged areas can be replaced to preserve the roof.

Flat Roof Repairs

Flat roofing typically requires regular maintenance in order to avoid the problems common to this roofing style. Still, Bay Roofing & Construction can often correct issues that arise from storm damage or due to a lack of routine care.

Tile Roof Repairs

Tile roofs are very durable, but there are some issues that can occur with them, such as tiles that have cracked or fallen off. Another common problem is an underlayment that is not 100% watertight, which allows water to seep through the roof.

Metal Roof Repairs

Installation defects, such as over- or under-driven screws, are the leading cause of leaks in metal roofs. Flashing can eventually succumb to leaks, and it is possible for sealants to become compromised and allow for water to get beneath the metal.

Get Help From Our Residential Roof Repair Experts Today

When your roof needs to be repaired, trust an established company that specializes in residential roof repair services. Homeowners in New Jersey should reach out to Bay Roofing & Construction by phone at 1-888-820-6028 or contact us online with any questions or to receive a quote.