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Metal Roofing

Metal Roof Replacement

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Bay Roofing & Construction has more than 40 years of experience installing, replacing, inspecting, maintaining, and repairing residential metal roofs in New Jersey. Standing seam metal roofing has become an increasingly popular option for homeowners in this region because these roofs are beautiful, provide a variety of design options, and can last between 30 and 50 years. Did you know a metal roof is considered one of the more environmentally friendly roofing options? If you are interested in a new metal roof for your home, need your current roof replaced, or require maintenance or repairs, Bay Roofing is here to help. Contact us today for a quote.

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Metal Roofing Repair

Metal Roof Repair Experts

Our home improvement company recommends that you have your metal roof professionally inspected at least once a year and that you perform visual inspections from the ground at least twice a year. Your metal roof requires regular maintenance, including fixing surface scuffs, removing debris, and cleaning dirt, mildew, and stains. That regular maintenance will help you avoid most issues, but your metal roof can also be damaged by hail and other extreme weather events. If you have experienced a storm that has you concerned, schedule a roof inspection with us. If you can see damage, call Bay Roofing as soon as possible at 1-888-820-6028 so that we can fix the issue before it develops into a more serious problem.

Metal Roofing Replacement

Metal Roofing Replacement Services

If you are unsure whether you should repair your metal roof or replace it, Bay Roofing can perform an inspection and provide you with a professional assessment. If you know the time has come to replace your metal roof or you would like to upgrade to metal roofing, we can send a home improvement specialist to your property to explore your options with you, answer your questions, and provide you with a quote. Once you have made a decision that will protect your home and maximize its curb appeal, our local roofers in New Jersey will carry out the installation with precision and in a timely and affordable manner.

Switch to Metal Roofing With Help From Bay

Bay Roofing & Construction has consultants available and ready to help any New Jersey homeowners who want to make the switch to a metal roof. We also have crews available to help our customers who already have a metal roofing system with inspections, maintenance, and repairs. Call us today at 1-888-820-6028 or contact us to learn more about these services or to schedule an appointment.