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Copper Roofing Repair & Replacement

Copper Roofing Repair

Bay’s Roofers Can Restore or Replace Your Copper Roofing

Popular on historic structures and homes that want a unique aesthetic, copper roofing offers a high-end look and lasting protection. Copper roofs are long-lasting, lightweight, and actually very energy efficient. When properly installed and maintained, a copper roof can last for fifty years or more. As a specialty roofer, Bay Roofing knows how to install and repair copper roofs on any type of residential and commercial property. We’re experts in historic restorations and adding copper accent roofing to existing newer homes.

While installing a new copper roof is more expensive than traditional asphalt shingles, you will have an elegant-looking property that will be protected for decades. Copper has been a popular choice in roofing since the 1600s and if you have an older home that needs your copper roof repaired or replaced, Bay Roofing is here for you. Give us a call at 1-888-820-6028 or contact us today for an estimate.

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Copper Roof Repair Services

Copper roofing is one of the most beneficial roofing materials compared to asphalt and slate.  Regular care and maintenance are a big help to ensure the long-life expectancy of copper roofing.  If the copper roof is well maintained, it can easily exceed its standard life expectancy by up to fifty years. If you are concerned about your roof or can see damage, or even want to talk about routine maintenance, Bay Roofing can help.  We will send copper repair specialists to your home or business who will inspect your roof, assess any damage, discuss your options with you, and carry out a precision repair quickly and affordably.

Is it Time to Replace Your Copper Roofing?

If the time has come to replace your existing roof or you would like to transition to Copper from another roof style, Bay Roofing has you covered.  Let us know if you’re interested and we will send a copper roof system specialist to your home or business.  Our specialist will answer any questions that you may have, explore your options with you, and provide you with a quote.  If you choose to move ahead with your new copper roof system, we will install it one shingle, panel, or sheet at a time but in a prompt manner and with minimal disruption.

Copper Roof Styles We Work With

Because copper is a beautiful and long-lasting roofing material, it is manufactured in a few different styles to give homeowners’ the unique look they desire.

Continuous Copper Roofing

Designed completely custom for your roof, continuous copper roofing systems are as specialized as you can get. The copper sheets are laid out and assembled in one piece so there are no joints or seams.

Copper Panel Roofing

The most affordable form of copper roofing comes in interlocking panels. They come in standard sizes and can be cut to match your roof perfectly. It is a form of standing seam metal roofing.

Copper Roof Shingles

Like asphalt shingles, copper roof shingles are applied one by one but because they are soft, a great deal of care needs to be had when installing them. Without proper installation, issues can occur.

Get Help from Your New Jersey Roofing Specialists

Bay Roofing & Construction takes a great deal of pride in being the copper roofing repair and replacement specialists that area homeowners and businesses can rely on. Let us help you maximize your investment. Call us today at 1-888-820-6028 or contact us online with any questions or to set up your on-site consultation.