How to Remove Gutters

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How to Remove Gutters

Whenever you need to replace a section of gutters, redo the whole system, or work on the fascia, you’ll need to know how to remove gutters properly. Improperly taking off gutters could cause damage that results in more work for you and potential damage to your home. You’ll find that the process is relatively simple. Your choice of tools will vary depending on whether the gutters are screwed, nailed, or riveted in place. Be sure to wear gloves while working because gutter pieces could have sharp edges. Here, the gutter experts at Bay Roofing walk you through the process step by step.

How to Remove GuttersTools Needed

  • Ladder
  • Pry bar or hammer
  • Power screwdriver or drill
  • Caulk or wood putty
  • Caulking gun or putty knife
  • Work gloves

How to Remove Gutters: Directions

  1. Examine gutters to see if you’ll need to remove screws, nails, or rivets. Use the pry bar or hammer to pull out nails. Tackle screws with the screwdriver. If rivets are present, drill them out.
  2. Take off downspouts first. You don’t want their weight dragging on gutter pieces after you detach them from the house.
  3. Disconnect the downspout from the elbow below the gutter drop outlet.
  4. Loosen downspout wall straps and pull the downspout away from the house.
  5. Hardware that holds gutters against the roof varies in design, but all attachment systems are quite straightforward. Use a screwdriver or hammer to disconnect the brackets or other mounting hardware. It’s helpful to have a partner who can hold pieces stable while you work on them.
  6. Fix holes left behind from where you removed brackets.
  7. Squirt caulk into holes on vinyl surfaces and smooth it with your finger.
  8. Apply wood putty with a putty knife on holes in wood surfaces.
  9. Paint over patched areas if desired.

Hire Trusted Gutter Professionals

Gutter maintenance and protecting your home represents are core parts of our business at Bay Roofing. We’ve performed thousands of gutter repair or replacement jobs over the last 40+ years. If your gutter issues are more than you want to deal with, give us a call and we’ll have everything working properly again in no time.