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You Can Count on Our Commercial Roofers in New Jersey

We Specialize in Commercial Roof Replacement & Repair Services

Bay Roofing has provided commercial roofing services to New Jersey businesses since 1981. Our company is fully insured, and we have expert commercial roofers that specialize in repairing and replacing all types of commercial roofing systems. That includes those used for commercial, industrial, and government locations but also for some residential applications. We have roofing crews that specialize in historic sites as well. If you hire us to install your new roof, you can expect that roof to be customized to your location and for our company to deliver impeccable workmanship on time and on budget. Reach out now to request an estimate!

Commercial Roofing Repair & Replacement

Commercial Roof Replacement Specialists

Our team consists of commercial roofers who specialize roof replacement services in New Jersey. We will handle everything from the tear-off to the finishing touches and cleanup. Our company can replace your existing commercial roof with a similar a system, but we can also upgrade your building to a roof that lasts longer, is easier to maintain, and is perhaps more appropriate for your operations or location. These options include metal roofing, TPO roofing, and EPDM flat roofing.

Commercial Roof Repair Services

Depending on the age of your roof, repairing it may be a more cost-effective option than installing a whole new roof. That’s why we have commercial roofers on staff that specialize in repair projects of all scopes and sizes. If you are unsure how you should proceed, we can send out a commercial roofer to inspect your property and provide an assessment. The roof repair services we offer extend to metal roofing, TPO roofing, and EPDM flat roofing.

Types of Commercial Roof Systems We Replace

Bay Roofing is proud to have multiple crews of commercial roofers in New Jersey that work with many different types of commercial roof systems. No matter what type of commercial roof you currently have, you can count on us to maintain it, repair it, and replace it. Contact us today or give us a call at 1-888-820-6028 to request a free estimate!

EPDM Flat Roofing

EPDM flat roofing involves the use of a synthetic rubber and is among the most popular choices for commercial roofs in New Jersey and throughout the U.S. EPDM is cost-effective in both the short and long term and can be installed quickly.

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TPO Roofing

TPO is a single-ply roofing membrane and an increasingly popular choice for commercial roofing systems. When TPO roofing is properly installed and maintained, it can last 30 years. TPO is Class A fire-rated and can either be reflective or retentive.

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Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is more expensive to install but can last for 50 years or more and thus provides an excellent return on the investment. A metal roof is durable and requires little maintenance. It is also resistant to fire, hail, punctures, and other damage.

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Our Commercial Roof Replacement Process

Our commercial roof replacement process has been proven and refined over four decades, and all of our commercial roofers are skilled tradespeople who are held to the highest standards. We also have project planners who can help you choose your roof based on your budget and the needs of your building.

Bay Roofing was built on superior craftsmanship but also honesty, integrity, and professionalism. We will plan the tear-off and reroofing in a way that is minimally disruptive to your operations, and we clean throughout the process in order to keep your commercial site tidy and safe. Our company will even set up a protective barrier during the tear-off in order to ensure that your building is not damaged.

Once the tear-off is completed, we will inspect the foundation of the roof and replace any damaged plywood sheathing. Our crews will then install the underlayment and flashing appropriate to that style of roof, and then we will install the roof itself in a meticulous yet timely manner.

Contact Our Commercial Roofers in New Jersey Today

Bay Roofing & Construction counts many area businesses among our most loyal clients. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you, and our commercial roofers are ready to meet your roofing needs. Call us at 1-888-820-6028 or contact us with any questions or to schedule an on-site consultation.