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Meet Our Team

Ever wonder what sets a great roofing company apart from the rest? It’s our combination of phenomenal products, unwavering customer service and a team of expert craftsmen. Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to helping our neighbors live better. Bay Roofing, where quality remains on top.

Senior Management

These are the people who run the show. They keep everything in order and make sure that all of our customers are happy and are getting the best in customer service.

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Warehouse & Clean Up Team

These are the people who keep everything neat and tidy. No matter what service you choose to have done, we will make sure your home is left in the same condition that it was found.

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Home Improvement Consultants

These are the people who help you decide what’s best for your home. These experienced consultants can suggest the best service for your situation and give you an estimate.

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Project Managers

These are the people who keep your project organized and on schedule.

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Installation Team

These are the people who transform your home. Our fully trained installation experts are both efficient and thorough, no matter what project they're working on. They'll make sure your installation is completed quickly and properly.

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Branding Team

Our job is to ensure everyone knows about the quality home improvement services we offer. With our experience we can help you find your perfect home solution.

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Bath Solutions Team

Our bath solutions team can help you decide on the perfect bath solution.. Our experts will not only guide you, but will complete your bath installation quickly and thoroughly.

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